" I have heard of heard Cheryl Janssen from a number of tax folks in my professional society who have mentioned her when we talk about good outreach and humanitarian programs like Kids Smiles. She is very well respected by my buds down there- her rep is hard-nosed determined, by the book, honest." 
~Dave S TVC Communications

"Mr. Janssen had the vision to plan and secure the redevelopment plan ... This was a huge undertaking requiring cooperation for funding and approvals from all levels of government." 
~D. Decimone, Former City Councilman

"Thank you for a very compelling presentation and one that has garnered the biggest response in 5 years of doing this.  This region is so fortunate to have your leadership."
~Steve Fera, IBX

"Mr. Janssen came to Yeadon with the intention to review our operations for 5 days and write and Management Plan. We would not let him go for two years." 
~V. Ford, President, Borough Council

"The best thing I did was hire HCMS and Cheryl Janssen"
~Kathleen Weirz, CHDC

"Mr. Janssen has the ability to see the BIG picture and identify the critical impediments to success and secure the finish with little wasted time. " 
~J. Carnes, Solicitor

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